Who Are We?

Here at Fanshawe Campus Ministry (FCM) we believe each and everyone is beloved, important, and has deep value. We know that being a student challenges us to examine our identity, purpose, and meaning, which can be difficult and life-giving. Our ministry aims to walk alongside students at Fanshawe College to help them discover who they are, how they are gifted, and what they are called to do. 

To learn more about how our ministry will operate during the 2020-2021 academic year in light of COVID-19 regulations watch our welcome video

This week at FCM:

Spiritual Discipline: Self-Care

Monday 7-8pm: Hot Potato

Tuesday: Alpha: Healing- Does God heal today?

Zoom opens at 630 for Fellowship & Alpha starts at 7pm

Zoom LInk

Wednesday *TIME CHANGE*

5pm: In Our Midst

Zoom Link

Password: FCM

Thursday 7-8pm: Thomas

Zoom Link

Additionally, we are posting Hot Potato questions, Deep Dive Study questions, and the In our Midst liturgy on our website. To find this stuff just go to our website, click on small groups and then the respective group. Click on previous dates to find the material for that week.

*We are a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church of North America under Classis Chatham and with support from Resonate Global Mission. We are not supported financially by Fanshawe College but serve as a community partner. *

Photos on website are our own or used with permission 

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