College Campus

Here at Fanshawe Campus Ministry (FCM) we believe each and everyone is beloved, important, and has deep value.

We strive to help students navigate healthy spiritual wellness while they are a student at Fanshawe College and equip them to maintain spiritual wellbeing after graduation. 

We know that being a student challenges us to examine our identity, purpose, and meaning, which can be difficult and life-giving. Our ministry aims to walk alongside students who attend Fanshawe College to help them discover who they are, how they are gifted, and what they are called to do. 

We do not proselytize but rather, we  provide spiritual care and promote spiritual wellness to any and all students, regardless of religious affiliation.  

Be sure to check out our website to learn more about the support, programs, and fun we will be providing during the 2021-2022 academic year. We offer a blend of individual growth opportunities, one-on-one conversations, huddle groups, and small groups. We also recognize that spiritual wellness influences physical wellness and health and as such also offer opportunities to engage the whole self. 

*We are a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church of North America under Classis Ontario Southwest and with support from Resonate Global Mission. We are not supported financially by Fanshawe College but aim to serve as a community partner.*

Photos on website are our own or used with permission