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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The Twelve Disciples


Twelve Disciples Bible Study by Douglas Connelly

*The questions used here are adapted from the questions used in Deep Dive*

Most people know the “Twelve Disciples”, but primarily as a group of twelve, with a couple who we can name individually. We don’t really know the twelve disciples as individuals, yet each disciple plays their own role in Jesus’ life and ministry. As students and young adults who are discovering your gifts, your talents, and your place in the world, you may find a deep into the twelve disciples helpful in your journey. Each disciple plays an integral role into the group of twelve, not just as a member of the twelve but as individuals. You, too, play an integral role in this world.

We begin by looking at the disciple named Andrew, starting with him because Andrew is the first disciple Jesus goes to when he begins to call his disciples. Andrew, upon realizing who Jesus is, calls his brother, Simon Peter, to join them. While Andrew largely plays a “behind the scenes” role, his role is incredibly crucial to Jesus’ ministry and the growth of the church after Jesus’ death.

Scripture: John 1.35-42

Who are the key figures in this passage? What role does each person play in the passage?

Realizing that two of his followers were leaving him to follow Jesus, how do you think John the Baptist was feeling? What might he have been thinking?

The first thing Andrew did after meeting Jesus was tell his brother and ask him to join them, believing Jesus to be the promised one. What do you think Andrew may have been feeling as he told his brother? What do you think Simon Peter must have been feeling after hearing this from Andrew?

When is a time in your life when someone tried to convince you something, they were telling you was true? What made you ultimately believe them? And when is a time when you had to convince someone that what you were saying as true? What was that moment like?

Andrew right away told his brother he met the Messiah, something that was exciting and surreal. In our world today we tend to be reserved/hold back from talking about our faith. Why is it that we are hesitant to engage with people about our faith? What is one way we may change that?

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus calls Andrew to drop everything and follow him (Matthew 4.19-20). When is a time when we’ve been asked to be like Andrew, drop what we’re doing, and follow Jesus? How is that experience for you? What caused you to hesitate or not hesitate when you heard the call?

What qualities/characteristics of Andrew do you most appreciate? How might you develop those characteristics in yourself?

What is something you wonder about Andrew and/or his role as a disciple during Jesus’ ministry on earth and post-resurrection?

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