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Black Panther

Black Panther

We often hear that “faith is irrelevant” in today’s society, but if we really look at the tenets of our faith and the heart of Jesus’ message, we can very clearly see how faith is lived out in our daily lives. The aim of Faith & Film is to look at how elements of faith are present in our lives, even if we don’t realize it. We hope that, by looking at major blockbuster movies, you’ll see how faith is lived out and use that as an encouragement in your conversations with others.

Here are some of the discussion questions we explored:

What is it about Black Panther that draws people in, especially people who have no general interest in the comic book (Marvel, DC) genre of films?

Is there a particular scene or moment in the film that you particularly enjoy or don’t enjoy?

What references or parallels to the Bible do you see in Black Panther?

How do you see/experience faith being lived out in Black Panther?

What leadership qualities do you see in T’Challa and how do you see those qualities as important when you’re a leader in a community?

What does the lack of colonialism of Wakanda say to us about our values and the way we live our life? How does that relate to how we live out our faith?

Women play a key role in the movie, with T’Challa seeking wisdom from his mother, his sister, and others. Why do you think this is so important?

Black Panther gives voice to a lot groups/people who are often overlooked and ignored, how might seeing these voices and faces in lead roles impact/influence how we empower the ‘voiceless’ in our own lives?

Killmonger is the obvious villain in the movie. What are some of the actions he does that define him as the villain? Who are the Killmongers in our life? How might we be a Killmonger in our own life?

How do the themes of Justice, Mercy, and Grace get displayed in the movie?

What can we learn/take away from Black Panther with regards to our own life?


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