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(pp 80-83 of Spiritual Discipline Handbook)

You are the temple of God, and God is present in you- 1 Corinthians 3.16

God is present in us- he created us in his image. God loves every part of us, and we are his prized and valued possession. And like any possession we cherish, God wants to take care of us. God wants us to take care of ourselves so we can be the best living versions of ourselves, just as God created us to be. Somewhere in our lives, somewhere in history, we learned the acronym “JOY”- Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. While the notion is nice, it has created a culture where we don’t feel worthy or right in taking care of ourselves. Self-Care has been viewed as a weakness as opposed to a necessity. There is nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves, in actuality, caring for ourselves can make us better people, better friends, better followers of God. By honouring our bodies, by learning and listening to our limits, we can better worship God and better love our neighbours. Taking care of ourselves is a great act of stewardship we can do for God, Others, and Ourselves.

What are some examples of Self-Care in the Bible?

Exodus 18

1 Kings 19.4-8

Psalm 139

Isaiah 41

Isaiah 64

Daniel 1

Matthew 11.28-30

Mark 12.30-31

Romans 12

1 Corinthians 3

Ephesians 2

Philippians 4

Discussion Questions

How do you typically take care of yourself? What areas have been neglected lately?

What could you be doing differently to prioritize self-care without neglecting the work that needs to be done?

What does experiencing burnout feel like to you? How do you recognize it before it hits you?

If you’ve experienced burnout, how did the recovery look like? How has burnout changed your daily life?

How might God be calling you to care for your soul more deeply?

In what ways is it easy to accept help from others? In what ways is it difficult?

How do you prevent yourself from receiving love and care from God? Others? Yourself?

What would a self-care day look like for you?

Reflection Activities

Spend time in prayer thanking God for the way he has made you. Spend time really thinking about the way God has made you

Create a self-care day for yourself and do it. If a day seems too long, plan an afternoon or even an hour where you intentionally care for yourself

Cultivate ways to care for your body- a hot bath, an extra-long shower, exercise, a healthy meal

Spend time doing things you love with no distractions- read for pleasure, watch a movie or tv show, play a video game. Spend time simply doing something you love with no work/school distractions

Pay attention to your sleep patterns and ensure you’re getting the proper amount of rest each night.

When you eat food turn off all the ‘to do list”. Step away from the computer when you eat and give yourself a proper meal break

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