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Simon Peter

Updated: Nov 12

The Twelve Disciples

Simon Peter

Twelve Disciples Bible Study by Douglas Connelly

*The questions used here are adapted from the questions used in Deep Dive*

Simon Peter is the most well-known disciple out of all of the twelve disciples. His name was Simon, but Jesus adds “Peter” to his name, saying that Peter, meaning Rock, is what Jesus will build the church upon. It is interesting to note that Simon means “impulsive” or “unsteady”, while Peter means “Rock”, which almost the opposite of Simon. Even though he was not the first disciple Jesus went to, Jesus saw something significant in him.

Before reading the passage- what are some of your thoughts/opinions on Simon Peter?

Scripture: Mark 1.16-20

Scripture: Mark 8.27-38

What does Jesus ask Simon and Andrew to do and what do they need to do in order to fulfill Jesus’ request?

As we read in John Simon had met Jesus earlier, how do you think this prior meeting impacted Simon’s response in our Mark passage?

Why do you think Simon was willing to answer Jesus call, especially in light of what it meant for his daily life?

In Mark 8, there is a lot of questions about who Jesus is, with people thinking he is the revived John the Baptist, Elijah, another one of God’s prophets… What was Jesus doing that would have led people to believe he was each of those people? What was lacking in these arguments?

Why do you think Jesus was so interested/invested in knowing who his disciples said he was?

As you think about that question in your own life, who is Jesus to you?

Why do you think Jesus wanted his disciples to keep quiet about his true identity?

Why does Peter rebuke Jesus? What was so different about Jesus’ teaching?

What temptation does Jesus perceive in Peter’s rebuke?

How do you think Peter felt in that moment with Jesus? What do you think Jesus was hoping Peter might learn from this moment?

What does Jesus want Peter to understand about discipleship?

What does this passage say to you about your own relationship with Jesus?

How does the story of Peter impact your own understanding about your role in the work of discipleship?


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