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Small Group

Small Group

Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing,

but encouraging one another- Hebrews 10.25

Be sure to watch our Small Group Spiritual Discipline video

Small Groups are the intentional, regular gathering of people to study the Bible, engage in prayer, and support/encourage others in faith. It is about intentionally becoming vulnerable to others, while also creating a safe and hospitable place for others to become vulnerable. The discipline of small group helps each of us to grow in faith as we share stories of our journey, hear the journey of others, and listen to how the Spirit is working in our collective stories. Small group also creates a place of accountability in our faith walk in a way that encourages us to draw closer to God.

Small Group is scriptural- if we turn to the gospels, we know that Jesus did not minister alone. Before he started his ministry, he called the twelve disciples to join him. These are the people he spent time with, in prayer, in teaching, in encouragement, and through this, the disciples grew in their understanding about God and themselves. In the calling of his twelve disciples, Jesus is not only teaching the twelve, but also showing us that we need a small group of people to help us grow deeper in our knowledge of God’s love. We are not meant to live in faith alone, but to walk with others who can show us new ways that God is working in our lives, just as we can show others how God is present their life. God wants us to be in faithful community.

Stages of a Small Group

1. Forming: A group begins with a few people who decide their purpose, focus, and style

2. Storming: At times a group will enter conflict as different personality and styles merge. If a small group disbands it is often during this period

3. Norming: This occurs after the group has worked through conflict and has established a norm that brings out the gifts and skills of each member

4. Transforming: This is when the group has moved into the process of spiritual growth and discovering God’s presence in new ways

Bible Verses about Small Groups

Exodus 18.13-21

Deuteronomy 4.10

Psalm 133

Proverbs 27.17

Matthew 10.1-4

Matthew 18.19-20

Acts 2.40-47

Acts 6.1-6

Ephesians 4.15-16

Hebrews 10.24-25

Reflection Questions

What do you think would be some of the benefits to you personally of joining a small group?

What are some of the reasons why you’re hesitant to join a small group? How might you be able to overcome this hesitancy?

If you could create your ideal small group what would it look like?

If you have been involved in a small group before how has it helped your spiritual growth and development?

How might small groups be more important to your spiritual growth during the covid-19 times where we are not seeing people in person as much? Or how may it not make a difference?


Join a small group if you haven’t already. Find something that speaks to you and commit to trying it for 4 weeks.

Ask 2-3 friends to join a small group with you or start a small group with you. If you’re not sure about how to do that, ask someone to help you get started and facilitate it

Pick a book to read with a few friends over the course of a couple of months and meet once or twice a month to talk about how it has helped your faith


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