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The Christian respond to Covid-19

Hot Potato

Over the past six months, much of what we have believed and understood about the world has been called into question. We’ve been forced (or maybe encouraged) to slow down and step back from our daily living and re-examine our lives, what matters, and how we spend our time. For faith communities, covid-19 has also forced us to really look at our faith, how we live it, and how we understand our faith life in today’s world. The restrictions put in place have caused many faith leaders to look deeper at how we “do faith” and has caused many people to look deeper at what it means to be a person of faith in a secular world.

Some of the questions we discussed at our Hot Potato question were:

-Who is our neighbour? What does it mean to love our neighbour?

-Do we have a responsibility as Christians to wear a mask, if we believe a mandate ordering us to, goes against our constitutional rights?

-What does it mean for us to be citizens of Canada, while also being citizens of the Kingdom of God? If wearing a mask feels like an attack against our freedoms, as promised by Canada, should we protest and resist? Or, do we live in accordance to our citizenship in the Kingdom of God and wear a mask because it is a displayed action of our love for our neighbour?

-What image do we cast to our community? As places of faith are starting to return to in person gatherings, what regulations do we put in place? Do we simply follow the recommendations, or do we take extra precautions?

-How do we do discipleship/outreach when we aren’t actively present in our communities?

-What does it mean for us to live in community?

-How much do value do we place in science vs. faith? Does wearing a mask suggest we are doubting God’s protection of us or does it suggest we trust God in the same way we do when we wear seatbelts and helmets?

-What does it mean to be in fellowship with each other? What does worship of God really look like if we aren’t doing our traditional/familiar worship service?

So many questions have been coming up as we live in this covid-19 world and there isn’t necessarily one right answer, which is why its extra important we have places to discuss these questions and think about our response. Personally, I believe our witness of God needs to be our top priority. We need to be asking ourselves “what shadow am I/are we casting”. That is to say, when we do something, especially in public, we need to be aware that people are watching and making judgments on God and faith based on how we behave. Do masks work? For me I’m not sure it matters, what matters is that if I wear a mask, I’m showing the world I care for my neighbour and that for me is the important piece.

If you want a place to discuss these questions, send us a note. You can join us for Hot Potato on Mondays at 7pm on zoom, or if that doesn’t work, we can find a time that works for you.

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