Spiritual Care

Here for you

We provide spiritual care to help you maintain spiritual wellness, while you're a student and after graduation. We do this in a number of ways, including:

Huddle Groups

Drop In Visits

Coaching, Conversation, and Coffee

Spiritual Discipline of the Month

Art Practice of the Month

Small Groups

Make your Meal

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Office Hours

Here for you

As part of our spiritual care services we provide office hours or drop-in times where you can connect with one of us to talk about anything really. If you prefer, you can also email us and schedule an appointment. 

The drop in hours serve as a way for you to connect with us at short notice if something comes up, or you just want a quick conversation. Due to COVID-19 drop in hours will currently be offered via zoom. All you need to do is follow the link during the times provided, and we'll be available. If you prefer to meet in person, even short notice, just click "get in touch" at the bottom of this screen.

Drop in Hours

Mondays 4pm-6pm

Wednesdays 4p-8pm

Fridays 9am-1pm


 Spiritual Discipline of the Month

Here for you

Using the book, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, we will introduce a Spiritual Discipline for you to explore each month. The hope is these will help you maintain positive spiritual wellness during the school year and equip you beyond this year. 

September:  Worship

October: Discernment

November: Care of Self

December: Advent

January: Care of Others

February: Prayer

March: Lent

April: Fellowship

Art Supply

Art Practice of the Month

Here for You

Once a month we’ll introduce an art engagement for students to practice. Intention is to put together an art kit each month for students, so the supplies are provided. Additionally, once a week we’d provide space for students to engage art with supplies being provided

October                                   Clay/Sculpture

November                               Abstract Art

December                               Textile Art

January                                   Charcoal Art

February                                 Mosaic Art

March                                     Pastel Art


Coaching, Conversation, and Coffee

Here for You

We all need one-on-one conversations with people who can help us process and work through ideas, experiences, joys, and struggles. 

As part of our path to maintaining healthy spiritual wellness we offer "Coaching, Conversation, and Coffee". You can schedule a visit with us anytime Monday-Friday at time that works for you. You can meet us once, for regular visits, last minute or planned in advance. 

And by coffee we don't mean coffee- it can be any drink of your choice, no drink, or a meal if you prefer!

Plants and Coffees

Huddle Groups

Here for You

Just as we thrive on one-on-one conversations, small groups, and alone time to maintain our spiritual wellness, we can also benefit from having a group of 2-3 people we can connect with regularly. 

Huddle Groups are a perfect mix of small groups, personal connection, and safety. Huddle groups consist of no more than 4 people who meet on an agreeable schedule with a core theme/topic. Maybe you just want 3 people to talk school with, or 3 people to try a new restaurant with once a month, or to play squash with- the possibilities are endless. Huddle groups are small groups that have just one common idea in order to allow personal relationships to grow in an intentional setting.

Friends in Nature